Cleaning is never a fun thing! As most parents will tell you, they spend most their weekends straightening up their home and cleaning, when they would rather spend some time with their families. That is why for this spring, we recommend getting the kids involved. While many people think that giving chores or tasks to a four or five-year-old is not possible, this can help your child! This will allow them to follow directions, and let them learn that hard work does pay off!

With this being said, be sure that whatever task you give your child is age appropriate. You do not want these kids doing anything with chemicals as this could be dangerous. Remember, to keep the task age appropriate. However, remember, don’t underestimate your child. Even three-year old’s can help with picking up toys!

So, what can you do to make cleaning your home more than a chore for the kids? Make it fun! We have gathered a few ideas that people are utilizing, in hopes of giving you a bit of inspiration!

Pretend Playkids

Time to pull out the imagination! Here are a few ideas:

  1. Why not play dress up at the same time? Dress up like butlers and maids, talk with an accent and pretend that you are the hired help to clean up.
  2. Give a mission! Kids love to play like they are spies, especially boys, so let cleaning be a mission that they must successfully complete.


Consider Kids Only Cleaning Supplies

This is a great idea to really encourage children to help you at home. Why not have their own cleaning supplies? You can go to your local store to find smaller brooms and dustpans that will be perfect for little hands. And while you are at, get them their own cleaning caddy with a little spray bottle of water and vinegar, dust rags, and the like. Your kids are going to feel important as they have their own tools to get the job done!

Make Cleaning a Game

kidsWhy not make this a speed race? Set a timer and have them clean as much as they can within 10 minutes. Or if you want to slow them down and get them thinking, consider giving them a task such as picking up anything that is pink or green off the floors. You are getting the kids to help, but you are also helping to get those colors in their minds and practice knowing these and following directions.

Here at 2000Days, we want kids to grow into responsible adults that care about others around them, and who can fend for themselves. Instilling those skills of being able to clean, and giving them something that they are going to remember fondly later is a great start on the road to adulthood!