Spring in Calgary is a muddy event, but one that holds a lot of appeal for children in daycare. Spring means puddles–and the start of a glorious tradition of summer community walks.

Be sure to dress your little one in appropriate gear. They’ll probably need rain boots, a rain coat, and a good sweater. It’s still chilly out there! And of course, just as you can expect your child’s clothes to come home covered in half an art project, now’s the time when you may start to see pants with muddy knees, wet socks, and dirt under the fingernails.

All of this is a great part of growing up. Our teachers know that child care is about creating messes of the best possible kind. For the littlest ones, mud provides a great sensory exploration. Slightly older, and finding wriggly worms and ladybugs in our daycare’s garden becomes a thrilling discovery. And for our oldest students, spring means the chance to participate in gardening: weeding, planting, and watching a seed turn into a beautiful flower.
While our PK1 students don’t participate in community walks (they are still working hard to master walking indoors), the older students get a chance to explore Calgary–or at least the places nearby. Every child gets a brightly coloured safety pinney, and holds on to a rope to keep the group together. Previous years’ community walks have taken them to the activity field across the street, which now boasts a new play structure. We’ve also had field trips to Castle Toys, St. John’s Music, and PetSmart. Often, family volunteers join us on field trips, so be on the lookout for your child’s teacher to let you know about opportunities to participate with the class on these outings.

Spring offers a great many opportunities for our day care students, and we hope that this year will be no exception!