"Me" Time

There are several parents who drop their children off at 2000 Days daycare, then rush to work. These same parents rush to the daycare to pick up their child and then head home. During the weekends, they are devoting all their time to checking their email or playing with their son or daughter, which we applaud. However, we want to tell these parents that while it is amazing that you work and then devote your free time to your child, you do need some “me” time.

What is “Me” Time?

“Me” time is a small period that you simply take for yourself. Moms and dads both need to have some time in which they are not being asked a thousand questions, listening to a baby cry or sitting at their desk at work. This time is a time to recharge, and pay attention to yourself. This is one thing that as parents, we all tend to forget. We all need to focus on ourselves from time to time. After all, if we are so stressed or unhealthy that we cannot function, how can we be expected to care for our children?

“Me” Time Ideas

If you are ready to embrace the whole idea of “me” time, here are a few ideas that you can utilize to recharge your battery and be ready to take on the world!

  1. Read a book: And not one that includes pictures of cuddly characters."Me" Time
  2. Go to the movies! Ask yourself when was the last time that you watched a movie that was rated higher than G?
  3. Love the outdoors? If so, carve out time in which you can take a hike on your own and simply listen to the peace that nature offers.
  4. Take a shopping trip for yourself! This is hard for many parents as they often end up wearing clothing that is outdated and super old. Why? They spend their money on clothing for the kids rather than themselves.

The idea is to do anything that is going to give you a chance to relax. Ask your friend to babysit, drop the kid or kids at your parents, just find a way to get away for a bit.
“Me” time does not have to be a full day, if it is, that is great. However, you will be amazed at how more energetic you will feel if you take this time for yourself just for an hour a week!