More Teachers, Less Students?

Our Families Know That Extra Attention Means A Better Quality Education

What Does Low Ratio Mean?

Low ratios means that there are more teachers looking after less students. There is a mandated ratio for how many children one person can look after. This is set and enforced by the government. The vast majority of daycares and other early learning schools follow this ratio. The ratios are all different for different age groups.

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As an example. Our PK3 rooms are for ages three to four. The Alberta mandated ratio is a minimum of one to eight children (1:8). 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten has eighteen students in that classroom with three teachers making for a one to six ratio (1:6). This may not seem like much but it makes all the difference. Also add our two float teachers that go where needed, when needed and you can see why we pride ourselves on low ratios!

Why Is This Good For My Family?

This is great for your family because your child will get more attention then if there were more children or
less teachers per class. This leads to better safety, better interactions and better learning moments. 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten does not believe in jamming as many children as we can fit into our school. We would rather hire more staff and have less students so that the quality of care is very high and that you get the the very best your child deserves.