The Fidget Spinner: A Huge Craze in the Area


fidget spinnerFor those who have older children, they probably have been asked to purchase a fidget spinner. But, there are kids who are using this who are still younger than five years old. What is the fidget spinner? Is something you should purchase for your kids?

The Fidget Spinner Was Not Designed to be a Toy

Ironically, the fidget spinner was not officially designed as a toy for kids! This was initially marketed as a way for those with anxiety, autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to have something to do. It was meant to help calm kids and adults down in those situations that their attention or anxiety may be getting the best of them. However, now, it is becoming the must have toy for the summer! It is flying off the shelves throughout Canada and the United States. So many kids have these that many schools throughout the area are banning kids from having these in the classroom because they are interfering with teaching.

The whole idea behind the fidget spinner was to give kids a sensory input that could help them to regulate themselves. Dr. Joel Westheimer, research chair and professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa stated: “Part of it is it’s satisfying to kind of occupy your hands with something.” In a perfect world, those kids with these issues would be able to use this underneath their desks at schools, which could result in their attention being directed back towards the teacher. However, with every kid wanting one, it has made many kids distracted.

Should You Purchase these for your Kids?

The question to ask, should you be purchasing these for your kids? Despite this being deemed as a fidget tool for use, many parents are buying these for their kids. Ultimately, this has become nothing more than a toy for kids to play with. However, many professionals are stating that if a child feels the need to play with this constantly, then it could be that the kid needs more physical activity. It is always better to have an hour on a playground versus playing with the fidget spinner for an hour.

fidget spinnerAlso, be aware that these toys can break, and the small parts of these could easily be swallowed by a child. Thus, this is something to consider! There have been numerous reports from the United States of kids who have almost choked to death when they swallowed a part of the fidget spinner. These kids were 10 years old in one stance, another 12-year-old had the same issue. Therefore, it should not be given to children who are young and it should be monitored when older kids are playing with this.
So, should you buy this? It is up to you. However, the good news is that this is just another fad toy that will probably fade out within a few months. Then, they will be sitting in the toy box collecting dust.