Custom Curriculum For Ages 1 To 6

Your Child Learns With The Best Educational Methods We Could Find

What Is A Daycare School?

Our daycare is so much more then a simple daycare. Most parents imagine a daycare as a place to drop off the kids. Have them do some colouring or even watch some shows and they pick up at the end of the day. This is just play. We love play but we think you need more. We hope you do to.

Yet a school is too rigid and formal. It works great for children that are over the age of 5 or even 6. Sitting at desks and writing or reading works well for older children. But not so much for the younger years. Younger children have a limited attention span and would not learn well in a static environment.

So we created the daycare school. A mix of both. The best of both! You can teach children at a very young age as long as you have the correct methods, teachers and tools. And we have them all. Do not assume your child is too young to read, write, learn emotional queues, play sports or learn a 1000 other things. We believe our hybrid approach where we take the best and use that to teach your children is the most efficient and fun way to learn. Don’t worry we pay a lot around here… but we are teaching all the time. Come see for yourself!

How Is The Curriculum Customized?

Our curriculum is customised to have the very best methods and teachings for each part of a child’s development. We don’t offer after school care or other programs. We focus solely on teaching children from ages one to five. A true daycare school.

2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten used research and scoured the globe for the best curriculum we could put together. We did not create a curriculum from scratch because we are not leaders in each curriculum topic and would take decades to do the research. We did not just buy an “out of the box” solution that is limited and might not have the best methods for early years. What we did is look for the best and research based curriculum components and brought them into our school. Our curriculum is not just academics but socialising, physical education/sports and much more. Take a look here for detailed information on our curriculum.

Why Is This Good For My Family?

This is amazing for your family because you know that your child is getting an education in not only academics but everything else to help them become a happy, balanced and intelligent adult. We brought everything we could to our school so parents can just drop off and worry about their work day and not about whether their child is getting quality care.
We did all the research and work to find the best for our curriculum. We spend time and effort training our teachers to teach the children our curriculum. We even make sure our food is high quality so the kids have energy to learn and have fun. All you need to do is drop them off.