About 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten

Find Out Why We Are An Amazing Daycare School Quickly

2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten can best be described as a daycare school or a child care school. Even a full time preschool. Potential families choose us again and again because we are much more than a daycare. From our unique, custom curriculum to our in-house chef. We strive everyday to give your child the very best. Let’s take a quick look at what we offer and what makes us special…

More Teachers, Less Students

Our Families Know That Extra Attention Means A Better Quality Education

Low ratios means that there are more teachers looking after less students. There is a mandated ratio for how many children one person can look after. This is set and enforced by the government. The vast majority of daycares and other early learning schools follow this ratio. The ratios are all different for different age groups. Get to know our teachers here!

Custom Curriculum
For Ages 1 To 6

Your Child Learns With The Best Educational Methods We Could Find

Our daycare is so much more then a simple daycare. Most parents imagine a daycare as a place to drop off the kids. Have them do some colouring or even watch some shows and they pick up at the end of the day. This is just play. We love play but we think you need more. We hope you do to.

Daily Communication With Our Amazing App

You Want To Know Your Child Is Safe, Happy and Learning. Now You Can From Anywhere!

Our daily report that tells you everything your child did for the day. Instead of online web cameras that you watch; which can be dangerous and even unhealthy. Instead we use a daily report that is secure and amazing. This is an interactive daily summary of your child’s day. Pictures, information, messages, updates and even your own personal family website. Our families LOVE this tool and we can’t blame them. It is a treat to get your child’s entire day on your computer, phone or email.

Family Owned And Operated

You Get That Extra Time, Attention and Care. You Are Never a Number Here

With 100% certainty it is. If you want a high quality daycare with a strong curriculum AND you want to be treated like family…then you can stop searching. Marlene and Daniel started 2000 Days Pre-Kindergarten for their son Owen (and now their twin girls!). He was our inspiration.